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“BOOT JACK” 為傳統幫助脫靴子的小小工具

在ROUGH CRAFTS以家具製作所延伸出的粗曠質感與圖樣設計之下


也敬請期待 B-SIDE X VIBERG T.I.T.W.企劃的完整呈現


29 Responses to “ROUGH CRAFTS 最新訂製作品 – B-SIDE X VIBERG T.I.T.W. BOOTJACK!!”

  1. Bryan says:

    How do I purchase some of your parts/goods? I’m very interested in some of your parts for my 07′ sportster. I’m in the US. Please let me know. Thanks

  2. Kellyico says:

    I want to buy these boots and jack, so sick!

  3. Kellyico says:

    Can you offer some info on parts for the 883 black Gorilla, I want to achieve this look, handlebars and all, please help I need it and am ready to purchase parts!

  4. Winston says:

    emailed Kellyico

  5. Brunu says:

    Hello. I live in France. I love your bikes! Could you tell me how do I purchase some of your fabulous parts please? Thank you very much

  6. harold says:

    Hey Winston,

    My name is harold McGruther, and I am the editor and co-founder of http://www.chopcult.com and http://www.biltwellinc.com. ChopCult is the world’s largest social network and news resource for the modern chopper scene, and Biltwell is our parts and accessories company that caters to the modern no-frills builder and bikerider. I am in Taiwan this week working on new parts, and I would like to come to your shop Friday or Saturday morning to do a feature on you and your bikes, if you are interested. Check out my websites, then contact me on facebook: Harold McGruther, or email me.

    I hope to hear from you soon, as I am going back to USA on the 20th.


  7. 附中學妹 says:


  8. G. Wheelz says:

    Interested in ordering a set of those exhaust pipes on the “guerilla” for my nightster….. Need shipped to U.S. Will they pass emissions?

  9. Winston Sa says:

    Ni Hao Winston,

    I friends with your customer Megan in Shanghai. Myself and a friend are looking to have our 883’s customized and we love you bikes. We want to come visit the shop in after the New Year, please send me your contact details and I will arrange with you.

    winston sa

  10. harry says:

    Hi, I love the look of these bikes. Could you contact me with pricing of the finned aircleaner and headlight. I would also be interested in the seat. I live in the US and have an 88 sportster.

    Thank You.

  11. Jim Gilliam says:

    Hi from England,
    Love the bikes, especially the Brass racer. The stuff you are doing is a refreshing change from the normal. Could you please let me know how I can purchase some of your parts I would like one of the Brass headlights and tail light and possibly some other parts.


  12. wayandogler says:

    Interested in ordering a set of those exhaust pipes on the “guerilla”, Brass headlights and taillight, finned aircleaner and handle bar with the switch…..thanks

  13. Jason says:

    I’d really like to get a hold of you to see if you’re making that seat and selling it. I’d love to put that on my Iron

  14. German says:

    I want to order the guerrilla pipes and air cleaner,can U ship to Argentina??Thanks

  15. Winston says:

    email German

  16. Pete Hiku says:

    Hi, just like Brunu, I live in France and wondered where I can find or buy your fabulous parts. I have a 2010 Iron.

  17. nine says:

    Hi Winston
    I’m Nine from Thailand , my friend toll me that he already paid you…Thanks for the parts and also your the ” trust in human ” , will contact you for more detail about order your part.

  18. Justin says:

    Hi Winston, I’d like to purchase some parts, can you give me direction on how to do it?

  19. Dogface says:

    Hi, I would like to purchase a couple of your parts and wanted to know where I need to go to get some of these items.

  20. Neil says:

    Hi Winston, love the bikes – amazing! I have an iron and would like a set of the guerilla pipes (amongst other things), do you sell and ship these? I am based in London. Cheers

  21. DBully says:

    Hey Winston, I have a few questions about the fitment of some of your parts. I may be interested in purchasing a set of pipes as well as a few other pieces. I’m in the US.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


  22. T says:

    Hey there Winston, very interested in a set of pipes as well among other pieces for my iron. I’m also in the US.

  23. mingger says:

    我想跟你訂Diamond stitched double seat

  24. Nick says:

    Hi i’m interested in the diamond stitched solo seat. How much would it cost to ship to Brunei?

  25. Rob Thomas says:

    Trying to buy a seat from you. Having a hard time. Please email me?

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