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Of all the Asian countries, Japan has the highest profile in the custom scene, and has even exported the whole genre of SR400 modifications. But other countries are getting more press now, with Australian shop Deus moving into Bali and the whole Indonesian scene gaining momentum. Now it looks like the turn of Taiwan, helped by classy new magazines such as Free Biker. This hunkered-down Sportster custom is called Guerrilla: it’s just graced the pages of Free Biker, and comes from an upstart new Taipei shop called Rough Crafts. According to builder Winston Yeh, “The initial idea for this bike was to get it to look custom, without being too ‘far out’—because Taiwan has a crazy regulation that all bikes bigger than 250cc have to pass an annual exam after they are older than five years. The bike is compared to the stock picture and if it looks too different, it will be hard to pass. With that in mind, I tried to create a bike that has similar profile to stock. So you probably think it’s ‘normal’ from far away, but you can see the customization when up close.” The bike takes Harley’s Nightster theme a step further, with a chopped front end, new bars, bodywork and lighting—and a terrific exhaust system that adds to the compact, muscular vibe. Excellent work from a builder worth keeping an eye on, so check out Rough Crafts’ blog for regular updates.

Tech spec

2009 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883
Builder: Winston Yeh
City/state: Taipei, Taiwan
Company: Rough Crafts

Fabrication: Rough Crafts
Welding: Winston/Shin Metal Works
Parts Design: Winston Yeh

Air cleaner: Rough Crafts
Exhaust: Rough Crafts
Mufflers: Rough Crafts

Frame: Stock with a little chop-off
Front End: Stock chopped/Rough Crafts Triple Trees

Tank: Rough Crafts
Fenders: Rough Crafts
Paint: Rough Crafts/BianChin Paint Studio
Graphics: Rough Crafts
Tires: Coker 5.10×16″

Foot controls: Stock Mid
Handlebar controls: Rough Crafts
Throttle: Neo Factory
Headlight: Rough Crafts grill-type headlight
Taillight: Rough Crafts grill-type LED taillight
Seat: Rough Crafts
Mirror: none
Gas caps: Rough Crafts
Handlebars: Rough Crafts
Risers: Rough Crafts
Grips: Rough Crafts

Harley Davidson Sportster
Harley Davidson Sportster
Harley Davidson Sportster
Harley Davidson Sportster
Harley Davidson Sportster



353 Responses to “ROUGH CRAFTS IRON GUERILLA on 知名機車網站BIKE EXIF!!”

  1. George says:

    Hi, Can you send information on purchasing Rough Crafts parts , I would like to install that seat on my ‘48′. Thanks

  2. Marlo says:

    How much for the exhaust

  3. Marlo says:

    How much for the exhaust will it work with sportster 48

  4. Jason says:

    I love this bike Winston. Is that just a stock 16″ rear mag wheel placed on the front end? Could you work me up a price for that tripletree conversion, and will it work with stock Iron forks? Is your suspension lowered? I’d also like any pricing on that seat, rear fender setup.

  5. Chris says:

    Hi Winston,

    I must agree with all the comments on this blog, amazing bike. Just a quick question how was the ride with the larger front tire and do you have a spec list of what you added and took away, and a price list for the custom parts you added.

    Thanks for your time and please keep up the amazing work…


  6. mike says:

    Cool bike! I’ve been looking at pictures of your bike for a couple of days now, and i need to apply some of your style to my ‘98 sporty. I have a wide glide conversion on the front, so I think I can add the larger tire with little trouble. I could use a little info on how you were able to fit the large tire on the rear and still keep the belt drive. Could you also clairify the tire size and manufacture? Thank you.

  7. Silvio says:

    Hi Winston…
    Could I get some info on the parts that you use and eventually a rough estimete on exhaust, seat, headlight grill, rear fender and light for the guerilla build? Thank you Sir

  8. Winston says:

    emailed Evan

  9. Winston says:

    emailed Mark

  10. Winston says:

    email George

  11. Winston says:

    email Silvio

  12. JRobertson says:

    Heya Winston. Man what a beautiful design. I came across your blog ages ago and somehow landed on it again and am once again stunned by the quality in this build.

    Am wanting to know what the cost and process is of ordering that front grill for the headlight. The pipes & heat shields. And finally the air cleaner.

    Once again mate. Brilliant design. It brings a real rough tough edge to the Iron 883

  13. Alex says:

    I’m very interested in purchasing the shield for the front headlight, tanks, rear fender/light combo and seat! also details on how I can get those tires on my iron

    Thanks for your time and beautiful work!

  14. Upendra says:

    i was about to get the iron883 so i googled for some mods and came up to this site and i was blown away with the mods. cau please let me know the mod parts rates and if i want to make my iron 883 look simliar to your iron guerillia what parts should i need to purchase from you.. can i have the price for them……thanks for the beautiful post and awesome work…

  15. Winston says:

    emailed Robertson

  16. WAYNE says:

    What do I need to install those tires on my Iron 883.

  17. Upendra says:

    hello once again winston, well i still didn’t get my reply so was wondering.could you tell me how much would it cost to customize iron 883 into gurellia. Ur reply is highly appreciated.by the way i am from NEPAL and if i get a reasonable quote from you then i will provide you the HD iron 883 in Taiwan and you could customize the same gurellia for me.

  18. James says:

    Heya…. bloody sweeet ride mate! Seriously…. how much for this bad boy? Or is it a special one off….

  19. Theera.Kevin says:

    Hi I like to get the prices for my sporter 883
    Triple Trees

  20. Fabio says:

    I want to buy your exhaust pipes, tank and handlebars for my Sportster you send me the cost and how you can buy.


  21. youcef says:

    hello winston…

    beautiful bike! i love it…
    can you build the same for me?
    what’s the price?
    I want it for export, si if it’s ok, give me price please without v.a.t

    thanks a lot

    best regards

  22. Matthew says:

    Hello Winston,I’d like to purchase all the parts to build a Iron Gurellia out off a sportster, do you sell to the public? How can I get in direct contact with your company to purchase pipes, fuel tank, triple trees etc.
    Best regards, Matthew

  23. Lek says:

    How can I contact you guys? I am in Boston and looking to get a custom gas tank for my 2010 883 Irion.

  24. Rav says:

    awesome looking bike my friend. How do I purchase the kit fit the front end conversion? Many thanks

  25. Weizhi says:

    Hi dear, I have a regular 08 XL883 with a chopped rear fender refit(60236-09BEO), I am looking to get a seat. tks.

  26. Javi says:

    Hi Winston!
    Amazing job.
    I’d love to have those exhaust for my HD’48.
    Please contact me with info on price and shipping to Europe.

  27. mark says:

    This bike is SICK. how much would it cost me to convert my 2012 883 to look like this? I live in California. Thanks.

  28. Eliseo says:

    Hi Winston… How much this beautiful bike??

  29. jesse says:

    nice bike! i would love to know the prices of your air cleaner and headlamp grill. please let me know how i can buy these products from rough crafts .

  30. kha says:

    Awesome bike.. Beautifully design. I would like to get the air cleaner and grilled headlights.. would also like to get the tank and pipes? Please let me know why to get the rough craft parts?

  31. iskandar says:

    hai im frm brunei i just want to ask f u have all a parts,i have HD iron i want to make same as at ur picture
    i think a frame is stock, just need cooker tyre front n rear , gas tank n rear fender plz chek f u have all f this parts, i really want to purchase frm u,u cn email me iskandar.se@gmail.com tq

    iskandar brunei

  32. iskandar says:

    hai im frm brunei i just want to ask f u have all a parts,i have HD iron i want to make same as at ur picture
    i think a frame is stock, just need cooker tyre front n rear , gas tank n rear fender plz chek f u have all f this parts, i really want to tq

    iskandar brunei

  33. Chad says:

    That is the baddest looking Iron 883 I have ever seen. Do you sell all the parts to make an Iron 883 look like this one?

  34. Alvaro says:

    Hi Winston!
    It’s incredible the bike. I’ve an iron 883 and I want to customize it as your.
    Is it possible you order parts?
    Do you sell all the parts to make an Iron 883 look like this one?
    Alvaro (From Spain)

  35. Karim says:

    hi, could you send me Aldiss list for all the modification you did as am very interested to do it , regards

  36. Pete Hiku says:

    juste to telle you that http://www.roughcrafts.com/rough_hard_parts.html doensn’t seem to be ok. We can’t look anything. So How can i know about price of the parts you make?

  37. Iggy says:

    Hello Winston,

    I am just blown away by the craftsmanship and detail in this bike. It is absolutely amazing!
    I would like to know if you are marketing and or selling any of the parts for this bike? I am interested in the quite a few.

    rear fender
    turn signals
    front end/ triple tree

    the list goes on and on….



  38. Adam says:

    Interested in some parts for this bike if you guys are selling some parts?

  39. Federico says:

    Hi mate, i’m very interested in your Guerrilla Iron. I have 883 R and i would like to put some of yours parts….is it possible to have the prices for the exhaust and the wheels.What about their dimension?Are them 16″ both?And can i know the type of pneumatics you used?Thank and regards.I’m from Europe so please give me the price also for the shipment.

  40. Joey P says:

    Hey Winston

    What a work of art, I love everything about Your creation.

    Please can you send me a price list for all additional Rough Crafts parts.

    Keep up the good work.


  41. David says:

    I live in Switzerland, and i have an iron 883N, i’m interested to order u the air filter the same as these pictures, is it possible?
    please tell me on my e-mail adress.

    thank you very much

  42. andrew brooks uk says:


  43. Andreas says:

    How can I buy some of your parts???

  44. G from Brooklyn says:

    Hello Winston,

    That’s a great looking bike.

    I’d like to purchase the diamond stitched solo seat. Please contact me at the email address provided.

    Thank you!

  45. SWAN says:

    Hey Winston,
    Big fan of your work. Looking to put Rough Crafts’ Diamond stitched solo seat on my HD 48. Would much appreciate it if you could send more info so I can purchase. Thanks and much luck with future builds!


  46. dalton says:

    want a seat for sure wheres a number I can call

  47. oscar says:

    Hi Winston,

    Congratulations for your work. i would like to know how may i buy your crafts from Spain, but also i got a doubt about my iron because is from 2009 and i would like to replace the seat, the problem as you should know is the switchboard under the seat, does your seat cover totally this switchboard??

    Thanks and best regards.

  48. Hi, Can you send information on purchasing Rough Crafts parts , I would like to install the Roug Tank, the fender, the seat and Exhaust on my 2008 Sportster XL. Thanks in advance

    Bruno Aliprandi

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