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Of all the Asian countries, Japan has the highest profile in the custom scene, and has even exported the whole genre of SR400 modifications. But other countries are getting more press now, with Australian shop Deus moving into Bali and the whole Indonesian scene gaining momentum. Now it looks like the turn of Taiwan, helped by classy new magazines such as Free Biker. This hunkered-down Sportster custom is called Guerrilla: it’s just graced the pages of Free Biker, and comes from an upstart new Taipei shop called Rough Crafts. According to builder Winston Yeh, “The initial idea for this bike was to get it to look custom, without being too ‘far out’—because Taiwan has a crazy regulation that all bikes bigger than 250cc have to pass an annual exam after they are older than five years. The bike is compared to the stock picture and if it looks too different, it will be hard to pass. With that in mind, I tried to create a bike that has similar profile to stock. So you probably think it’s ‘normal’ from far away, but you can see the customization when up close.” The bike takes Harley’s Nightster theme a step further, with a chopped front end, new bars, bodywork and lighting—and a terrific exhaust system that adds to the compact, muscular vibe. Excellent work from a builder worth keeping an eye on, so check out Rough Crafts’ blog for regular updates.

Tech spec

2009 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883
Builder: Winston Yeh
City/state: Taipei, Taiwan
Company: Rough Crafts

Fabrication: Rough Crafts
Welding: Winston/Shin Metal Works
Parts Design: Winston Yeh

Air cleaner: Rough Crafts
Exhaust: Rough Crafts
Mufflers: Rough Crafts

Frame: Stock with a little chop-off
Front End: Stock chopped/Rough Crafts Triple Trees

Tank: Rough Crafts
Fenders: Rough Crafts
Paint: Rough Crafts/BianChin Paint Studio
Graphics: Rough Crafts
Tires: Coker 5.10×16″

Foot controls: Stock Mid
Handlebar controls: Rough Crafts
Throttle: Neo Factory
Headlight: Rough Crafts grill-type headlight
Taillight: Rough Crafts grill-type LED taillight
Seat: Rough Crafts
Mirror: none
Gas caps: Rough Crafts
Handlebars: Rough Crafts
Risers: Rough Crafts
Grips: Rough Crafts

Harley Davidson Sportster
Harley Davidson Sportster
Harley Davidson Sportster
Harley Davidson Sportster
Harley Davidson Sportster



353 Responses to “ROUGH CRAFTS IRON GUERILLA on 知名機車網站BIKE EXIF!!”

  1. Winston says:

    emailed Jeff

  2. lorenzo says:

    Hello Winston !
    It’s beautiful work, one of the most beautiful bike I’ve ever seen!
    I have an iron 883 that I want to customize, and I confess that I will draw your creation.
    I can not find the coker tires 5.10×16 “, you could tell me more about the specific references front and rear?
    Then I wondered if you had changed the angle of the fork?
    Is it possible you order parts?
    Thank you in advance

    Lorenzo (from France)

  3. John says:

    Hello Winston! I love this Guerilla bike… I am looking to get that headlight and those triple trees. How much did you have to cut off of the forks to get the front and rear to be level and what wheel did you use for the front? Is that a stock rear wheel? Thanks!!! I lived in Taiwan for 2 years in Beitou, loved it so much, want to come back!


  4. Winston says:

    check email John

  5. Winston says:

    check email Lorenzo

  6. jay says:

    hey im looking to buy the seat, did you relocate the ecu? Great job on the bike! i live in south florida usa. thanks!

  7. Peter says:

    Hello I’m wondering What the set up is on the front end of this bike ie:The tree’s, axel size, and did you use the stock rim? Also did you need to make any changes to the rear end to fit the large tire? And my final question is where did you find the tires I can only seem to find Coker tires of a much smaller size. Thanks alot….and awesome work!

  8. Jimmy V says:

    I too am looking for info on these tires. I have a 2001 XL1200″S” model that I am looking at slapping a fat tire set on but don’t know if I can do it without mods. I would rather leave the suspension alone if at all possible. Can you please email me some info. Thanks!
    Jimmy V ~

  9. Joss says:

    Hi Winston,

    Beautiful bike, your work is so inspirational!! Can you please tell me if you sell these indicators and if not where I can get them from??? Thank you so much! Cheers, Joss

  10. Christian says:

    hey man you are great , yor bikes is incredible !!
    i’m from Italy , i have a nightster and it would like your gas tank to me is possbile to order it? or other parts?

  11. Vincent says:

    Hello, is it possible to buy your parts?
    Which are your dealers in France.
    It is possible to buy your parts via Internet ?
    Best regards

  12. Marlon says:

    Hey man your guerrilla bike is one of the coolest bike I ever seen! awesome job! I would like to know if you sell some of the parts like the triple trees, forks, and if those are stock rims? and where can I get those tires keep up with the good work man! really like the tank and also the air cleaner.

    Marlon east cost U.S.A

  13. NELSIN says:

    Please tell me or show me how to get the wheels and exshust like that? can i purchase it? how did you cut the triple tree? i love this bike.

  14. Nelsin says:

    man I love your bike, its perfect. Can I buy some parts to put on my iron? Or can you give me a lil more info to do on my own? Please get back to me.

  15. Guillaume says:

    Hi Winston,

    Great job man! Need some of your parts but cannot find where to place an order…


  16. Hank says:

    Winston….awesome job, wish the Guerilla was in Canada, I would be fighting over it. My congratulations to you and your team. Hank

  17. Tony says:

    This bike is clearly defines what the 883 Iron is all about. Take no prisoners attitude. This is what my 883 Iron wants to become.

  18. Roxxo says:

    Hi Winston
    Absolutely fantastic. This is the look. Thank you so much for sharing the bike with us.
    That front end is awesome.
    I would appreciate any more information please regarding chopping the forks, your triple trees, wheels and the tires.
    Many thanks
    Kindest regards

  19. Lee says:

    Hello…Can I buy some Rough Crafts parts from you? Let me know. Thanks.

  20. Juan Carlos Urrea says:

    Wow, great job, what a beautiful machine, I congratulate you, I’m editing a Vmax 1991, seeing your work I’m sure you know what I want, thanks for the inspiration.

  21. gerry says:

    Hi, the best looking sportster i have ever seen , i have a v rod and even thought of doing a sportser now lol

    anyway a good friend has a sportster and is interested in the big wheel look , i showed him yours and he fell in love . Can you tell me what size the front and rear tires are and maybe the make of the rims .
    Is that a stock front end or wider to fit that tire


  22. gerry says:

    hey love the bike , best sporty ever ….
    can you tell me about the front tire and rear tire
    i know they are coker but what size

    Is the front end stock to fit that size tire ?
    What are the make of rims , do you sell them ?

  23. Simon Chen says:

    請問The Iron Guerilla驗車有沒有問題~~?!

  24. Los says:

    Hi Winston,

    Love it!You did an amazing job! I would like to know what the set up is on the front end of this bike and the rear.Those tires look sick! I’m about to by a new 2011 Forty-eight and would like to give it a similar look.. this is truly my dream



  25. Winston says:


  26. Luke says:

    Your work is insane! I love the guerilla iron. Like many others messaging you, I too would like to know if parts are available to get the killer effect of the guerilla.
    You’re a legend

  27. Guillaume says:

    Hi Winston, I leave in Paris and was about to buy myself the Sporster 48. very inetrrested into your custom 883 iron which i beleive is an exceptional work you have made on the bike. this beeing said i would love to create something alike. What would be the best option available, start with the same base bike (i.e the 883 iron) and have you send me the parts to make a similar bike or start with a new project with you to customise a 48 sporster. i kind of like the base 48 Sporster but open to your sugestion. looking forward to hear from you Guillaume

  28. Winston says:

    emailed Los

  29. Winston says:

    emailed Luke

  30. Kevin says:

    Love your build. You really took a good looking bike to bad ass. Great vision. I’m interested in parts and pricing for converting the front end of my bike to accomodate the larger tire and wheel. Can you email what you have for sale or places I can purchase similar tires front and back and wheels if needed. Also interested in the pipes.

  31. Matheis says:

    The best looking sporty, bar none. Seriously phenomenal work. Could you please email the front end components I will need or have to mod in order to get that straight, fat look. Thank you so much. Again, sick bike.

  32. Josh says:

    Man I can only imagine how this thing sounds. Truly a breath of fresh air seeing such a common bike turned in to something so unique. If you had an online catalog you would have a lot of happy customers, judging by these comments. Truly awesome work.

  33. Winston says:

    emailed Kevin

  34. Winston says:

    emailed Matheis

  35. Winston says:

    emailed Josh

  36. Chris says:

    What an awesome build this is . I love this bike . how can i order some of the parts for this bike ?

  37. Duarte says:

    Hey Winston,

    All you bikes look great, just picked up 2011 Iron 883 Low and looking to get a bunch of things done.
    Too much to list… could you email prices on any relevant parts.
    Looking for your seat and those mufflers at minimum.


  38. Jerry H (California) says:

    Hi Winston…could I get info on pricing and where to buy parts (exhaust, seat, headlight grill, rear fender light) for the guerilla build? What kind of tires are those? Thank you in advance. :)

  39. Luke says:

    Hi Winston,

    LOVE your work. just wanting to get some more info on ordering parts if that’s possible?

    front end (forks/light), tyres/rims, air cleaner, rear light and exhaust.


  40. Winston says:

    email to Chris

  41. Winston says:

    check email Duarte

  42. Winston says:

    emailed Jerry

  43. Winston says:

    check email Luke

  44. Evan C says:

    I would LOVE some info about the parts you have available that could be shipped stateside!

  45. Mark says:

    Hey I love what you did with the bike. I have an 03 sportster 1200 with a softail rear and wanna do something like this with my bike. I would like to know if it’s possible and if I can buy parts from you guys.

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