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IRON 883 Guerilla project photo shoot!!

今天總算有個好天氣去拍FREE BIKER要用的照片

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  1. Frank says:


    Awesome scoot, what kind of and hand controls are you using?


  2. Naveed says:

    I love the retro bobber look of this bike. I would like to find out what parts I will need and the cost of them to build one similar. Please email me. Thanks

  3. Winston says:

    emailed Frank

  4. Winston says:

    emailed Naveed

  5. Ahmed says:

    Great looking bike! I just got my Harley forty eight and I would like to customize it exactly like yours. I would like to find out what parts I will need and the cost of them to build one similar. Please email me. Thanks


  6. Haaris says:

    This bike looks amazing, would love to know what was done, and how much it would cost to get this done! Once again, beautiful work Winston!

  7. Max says:

    Wanted to ask exactly what Naveed said! Secondly, how much does it cost from you guys direct?


  8. MATHEUS says:



  9. Winston says:

    emailed Ahmed

  10. Winston says:

    emailed Haaris

  11. Winston says:

    emailed MATHEUS

  12. Nat Yutzman says:

    Next summer, when I’m in Taipei, I’ll look you guys up.

    Nat fron NJ, USA

  13. Bryan says:

    I currently live in Hawaii and I am very interested in the exhaust for my 2010 iron 883. Please let me know how much for the exhaust with shipping. Beautiful bike!

  14. Shawnpaul says:

    sick scoot… exactly what i was looking for my xl1200n. could you send me a parts list of what aftermarket parts were used?

    Thanks and keep up the dope work.

  15. Winston says:

    emailed ShawnPaul

  16. Kellyico says:

    Way far out! I am really interested in some parts. Handlebars and risers, exhaust, Gas Tank, and the seat of course! How do I go about purchasing such parts. Also can you please tell me how you got rid of the handlebar controls (switches ect) I’m Ready to order! Such a Rad bike!!!

  17. Kellyico says:

    I am also wanting to achieve this rad look, please send me a parts list, I love the handlebar setup- control free bare bones. I would like to know what parts I would need to go control less.

    Thank you much respect.

  18. Ian says:

    This is without any doubt the most amazing 883 Iron Custom I have ever seen. I have started work on my own 883 Iron. Could you please let me know what you did to convert the front end to take the wide tyres. Have you used the stock 16″ rims on the front?

  19. Greg says:

    Sweet lookin bike man. what did you do to the front forks to fit that tire on and What size tire did you use? What size shocks are those? Sick style

  20. Gots says:

    Hey Dude, You know that this looks the business, as all of the above, can u also mail me your parts prices and I will get back to u, thanx, Gots

  21. Greg says:

    What size tire (not rim) did you use on the front?

  22. James says:

    do you have a list of parts used to customize this bike? If so PLEASE email me.

  23. Constantine says:

    please send me a parts list as well and price this is by far the most pissed off looking 883 ive ever seen. thanks.

  24. Winston says:

    check email Constantine

  25. jojo says:

    please send me parts lists and cost to i can get this bike built!!!

  26. Ace says:

    I feel weird asking you about the parts, but I love this bike! I’m looking at buying an Iron 883 and would love to mod it up like this one. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d also like some details on this bike if they are available.

    Thanks Winston!

  27. Carlos says:

    I would also like to know the price and parts needed to build this.

  28. Brady says:

    This is one of the most BADASS bikes I have ever seen. I must know where you got the forks. Is the exhaust something you fabricate for resell? I would love to buy some. Are those the turn signals I see near the bottom of the frame? Beautiful bike, my friend!

  29. Jyri says:

    WOW! This bike is a piece of art. I’d also like some details about the price and parts.

  30. Frantz says:

    Hello Winston, is there a problem with my post ?? :( Looks like deleted…

    Just need the part list of the bike and the prices as well.
    Anyway, wonderfull job for all your stuff, especially this one.
    Regards to all the team.
    Frantz, 883 Iron

  31. Winston says:

    emailed Frantz, sorry about accidentally deleted your post along with all the SPAMS!!!

  32. Björn says:

    Congratulations, this is a seriously beutifull bike you have built. What are the chances to get the parts or even the bike here in germany?

  33. Maitham says:

    Please inform me how you got these tires?? any modificatin of the fork?? and is there room to throw on a fork brace with these tires??

    Thank you :)

  34. Johnny says:

    Just have to say love the look of the bike! Hows it feel when you ride? Same question as everyone else, what parts did you use and how much? And where did you get those awesome tires from?

  35. Johnny says:

    hello there,i left a comment and asked about the details of the bike. will be getting my Iron 883 soon and would love to build something similar to this beautiful bike. if you could send me some info on where i can locate theses parts as well as pricing it would be much appreciated. thank you and once again, beautiful creativity.

  36. Winston says:

    emailed Björn

  37. Winston says:

    emailed Maitham

  38. guillaume says:

    Hi Winston did you get my message?

  39. guillaume says:

    looks like not, so amazing work on the bike simply love it.
    so i am planning to buy myself a sporster, and kind of like the 48. I would love to work with you on the elaboration of a custom bike for the 48. le me know how you want to proceed knowing that i am based in France.do you have an online catalogue or can you come back to me with the list of spare parts and prices we would need to get a bike like your Guerilla based on a 48 model.

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